My Walker

Yeah I know, when I thought up the title the first thing that came to my mind was it sounds like I’m old and I need a walker for support. However, I think I have a few more years until I need one of those. This title is concerning Kylee (like all of them because Kyle and I know we are unimportant now). This little girl has got to be the most ambitious one I have seen! She barely starts scooting around on her own, learns to sit up from her belly and now she wants to walk!! At first she was reluctant but then one day she decided she wanted to do it and just took off like a pro, like she does with everything she attempts. Now that she’s figured out how to take steps I’m even more nervous than ever! She will make her way to something, pull herself up, and cruise around it all on her own. We had to take the coffee table out of the upstairs living room because it has become a hazard and not because of sharp edges.

Here is a video of her taking off.

And throughout typing this whole thing I’ve had to restrain Kylee from messing with the laptop (she loves them). So here is a little note from Kylee.

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Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Father’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day!!  I’ve posted these pictures on Facebook but haven’t on my blog yet, so here are some pictures of Kyle and Kylee in honor of Father’s Day!

Even though I don’t do this for the voting, FYI, voting for the Shutter Love Tuesday pictures is even easier now!!  Just click on the Shutter Love link below and it will take you to the page.  To vote, all you have to do is push “Like” under Kyle and Kylee’s photo!

Kylee’s Modeling Debut

No, it’s really not THAT glamorous…

I got the craft bug again.  Kylee’s still getting mistaken for a boy a lot since she has very little hair and she doesn’t always wear pink (hardly ever actually).  So I took some inspiration from some CUTE headbands that our awesome friend Rebehah Wagner made Kylee and decided I need to start putting more bows in her hair.  The problem I’m running into is that I don’t like the HUGE flowers that are as big as a child’s head and all the little ones that we have are getting too small for her head.  I decided I wanted to make some that will clip onto the crochet headbands that she already has.

So I went to hobby lobby, got some supplies, put it all together, and LOVED what I had ended up with!!  I got some good feedback on them and someone suggested that I could make them and sell them on Etsy.  So I took some pictures and posted a few on Etsy.  Time will only tell if everyone else thought they were as cute as I did.  Anyways, I needed pictures of them for the postings, so Kylee was my little model.  And I must admit, I think she is a PERFECT model!!  🙂

Here is how they turned out!

The Great Escape

On Wednesday, my bestie came over for a short visit. We put Kylee on the floor and she took off to her Auntie Jenn! I must admit I got a little teary-eyed… my baby is mobile! Oh how I am in trouble now. Since then she has gotten pretty quick when she sets her mind to something. And not only does she go, she will also go OVER things that get in her way. This video was yesterday morning. She just took off for the doggie door, which she loves to play with. I’m sure it won’t be long and she will be trying to go THROUGH it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

7 Months

Wow! 7 months already… Time goes by WAY too fast!

This month has been a big one! Kylee is trying her absolute hardest to start crawling. Even though she rolled over for the first time months ago, she has started rolling over a LOT now! And now that she knows she can do it on will, Kylee rolls over after we lay her down and sleeps on her stomach. It freaked me out at first because of all the SIDs statements about sleeping on the stomach. She actually sleeps a lot better on her stomach though. She has become an excellent eater too. She loves her food, she eats everything and a lot of it. I’m actually grateful considering her parents are pretty picky eaters.

This month we took Kylee on her first camping trip and her first ride on the boat! She loves being outside so of course she had fun.  Although, she did not enjoy wearing her tight life jacket. I will post pictures of that once I download them and edit them. Another first this month was Kylee pulling herself up to standing on the coffee table! I actually caught the first time she did it on video. I was so excited when she did it that I screamed and scared her.

Several weeks ago she would talk in these high pitch squeals. It was the cutest noise in the whole world! Below is a video of her high pitch talking and her standing up for the first time.

And finally, her 7 month pics.  Kylee with her Lenny!

Trying to Crawl

Kylee has been trying SO hard to crawl the past couple weeks.  After she started inching forward yesterday I figured I better get out my camera and record it since I had someone request it!  I’m pretty sure Kylee is cutting a tooth, so she hasn’t been the most content child, plus when we took this it was close to bed time, so please pardon the whining.

Kylee rolled over months ago but she never really did it that often until a couple weeks ago.  Now she is always rolling over, spinning, and scooting.  So, needless to say, we had to put a gate on the top of the stairs finally.

Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Summer Fun