Happy Halloween!!

Hope everyone has a SUPER Halloween!





35 Months

35 Months.  Officially less than a month away from turning 3.  Goodness time has flown by!  Actually looking back at all my posts makes me really glad I have been doing monthly progress.  It really lets me remember all the little things that have happened.

New This Month:

Says “I got it, I got it” like Gru
Asks to stay with Grammie and PawPaw without us mentioning it
No matter what we are doing she says “I wan help you”
Says “that’s ridiculous”
No more naps unless it’s in the car
Can count to 20
When it’s dark outside she gasps and says “It’s getting too late!”

This photoshoot has been the hardest one in a while and it’s mostly my fault.  She had fallen asleep in the car and I woke her up and made her do them with no time to actually “wake up.”  Then I put her down right on an ant hill and she was eaten alive!!!  I felt so bad but didn’t want to reshoot, so this is the best we got this month.

So here are Kylee’s Princess and the Frog pictures!