30 Before 30 ~ Family Tradition

One of my goals before I turn 30 is to make a family tradition for us.  Since one of my FAVORITE times of year is Christmas I thought it would be perfect to make a Christmas Eve family tradition for us, so this was our first year to do it!!

Although Kylee wasn’t old enough to help this year, I’m excited for the following years for us to mix and make cookies to put out for Santa.  The we go around looking at Christmas lights, come back home and read a Christmas story and watch a Christmas movie!  This year the story was Charlie Brown and the movie was The Muppets Christmas.  I love that we have something to do for just our little family!

Here is Kylee and dad reading the book!

Kylee in her dress ready to go to the candle light service at church

I love my little family!


We have some news!

Yep, we are going to be Texans!  Kyle got an AWESOME promotion and ConocoPhillips is moving us to Houston.  We don’t know the exact date we will be down there yet but we know it’s some time at the end of January.  It’s a little scary but kind of exciting and a great opportunity for Kyle.  I know I’ll be doing more posts before then but I can’t refrain from saying…

Ya’ll have a merry Christmas now, ya hear?  🙂

Happy Turkey Day!!!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!  Eat lots of turkey!!!

30 Before 30 ~ Jeeping Trip Completed!

This post is going to be posted just in time to save me from failing one of my goals!  🙂   I’m in Albuquerque photographing a wedding this weekend and I had a little time this morning thankfully!  This is actually my first time away from Kylee for more than a day.

Two weekends ago we went on a jeeping trip with my family!!  We had a BLAST and we are trying to find more trails closer to town so we don’t have to do a camping excursion every time since it’s starting to get cold up in the mountains already.  We camped in Rico and on Saturday we four-wheeled up Scotch Creek and over to Bolum Pass.  It wasn’t the best trail in the world but we had fun all the same.  We were in our Jeep with my brother Shane and my parents were in the beast with my brother Ryan and his girlfriend.  We only made Kylee ride in her car seat when she was sleeping or when we were going a little bit faster, the rest of the time she rode up front with us and she LOVED it!  I can’t wait for our next excursion!!!

I have the memory card from my little camera but completely forgot the jump drive that has the pictures I was going to post from my big camera.  Oh well, this post will be action shots and I’ll do another one with the pretty shots, because that’s mainly what they are 🙂

The beast going through a huge puddle

We need to come up with a name for our Jeep!

After 4-wheeling we went up to Telluride.  We rode the gondola over to Mountain Village.  This is a view of Telluride from the gondola

The men (if any actually read this)will like this picture.  We saw these bucks on the way back to camp.  They were HUGE!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Greetings from hot and humid Oklahoma City!!!  We are on a road trip traveling to see everyone on Kyle’s side of the family now.  We have been running around like crazy but I had to post some pictures of Kylee and Lexie for everyone to see them in their red white and blue!

Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Father’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day!!  I’ve posted these pictures on Facebook but haven’t on my blog yet, so here are some pictures of Kyle and Kylee in honor of Father’s Day!

Even though I don’t do this for the voting, FYI, voting for the Shutter Love Tuesday pictures is even easier now!!  Just click on the Shutter Love link below and it will take you to the page.  To vote, all you have to do is push “Like” under Kyle and Kylee’s photo!

Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Strength

Ok, the theme this week is strength but, as you can see, I couldn’t come up with anything creative, so I’m going to post pictures we did this weekend.

Kyle’s brother, Kris, graduated this past Saturday with his teaching degree (congratulations Kris!!) so the family came up and we all went to the graduation ceremony to watch him get handed that fake diploma!  While we were there a lady asked if Kylee and Lexie were twins.  There is actually a four and a half month difference between the two but Lexie is so petite that Kylee is already passing her up.  Lexie still has Kylee beat on height though.  So since we had the cousins together, we went and bought come cute matching/coordinating outfits to do pictures of them together.  Lexie is starting to get mobile already, so she definitely made me work for these two pictures.  The awesome thing that happened is, right after we were done with the pictures, she started to crawl for the first time!!  We were all so excited!  I think we made her crawl for puffs for an hour…

Anyways, here are the two cutest cousins ever!