Theatrical Thursday ~ Feeding Fish

For the past 2 weeks we have been living in a hotel room while looking for a house in Houston.  We check out today and I expected to be completely sick of this place but it has actually been really nice.  We stayed at the Omni and the hotel is extremely nice with awesome people working here.  No, this isn’t an advertisement for the hotel, I have just been that impressed.  There is a big pond running through the hotel and one thing that we have done every day is let Kylee feed the fish.  The staff would get so excited when they saw us coming with Kylee and would give her a lot more fish food than they give other people.  Kylee always had fun feeding all the fish.  She actually got used to hotel life quickly.  She would run down the hall, push the button for the elevator, walk in when it opened, and knew exactly where to go when we said we were going to feed the fish.  Here is a video of her doing just that…


Theatrical Thursday ~ Sign Language

When Kylee turned 6 months old we started trying to do sign language with her.  The ones we did the most were please, more, and all done.  I think we pushed it for about 4 months before we gave up because she just refused to do it.  This month Kylee just all of a sudden decided she wanted to start communicating with us through sign language and she is learning a lot more now.  Here are 4 signs that she does.  I tried to teach her our own version of hungry by rubbing the belly, but she has her own sign for it by putting her hand up to her mouth, very similar to thank you.  It’s so much easier now that she can communicate what she wants!

Theatrical Thursday ~ Kylee saying please

It’s been a while since I’ve done Theatrical Thursday but I definitely wanted to get a video of one of the only words Kylee says.  It’s so cute, if Kylee sees something she wants, she points at it say says “pees” or sometimes when she is persistent it comes out “beez.”  At least it’s polite…

Video Love

To make up for my SERIOUS lack of blogging, I will be posting 4 blog posts in the next 2 weeks to KIND OF stay up on my goal of one post a week.  So this post is a video of Kylee feeding herself with her fork!  Just one day she wanted to feed herself and did it, I was pretty impressed!  We still have a little improving to do but for the most part she does really well!

Here she is eating her breakfast

Theatrical Thursday ~ Dancing

This is coming late in the day, but better late than never!  I FINALLY got a video of Kylee dancing!!  Since this video she has started moving her feet and hands when she dances too.  I LOVE IT!!!  I play music all the time now to try to get her to dance.  ENJOY!!!

Theatrical Thursday ~ Toddlerhood, here we come

I figured I better post this while I’m waiting for Kylee to wake up.  Even though my child has always done things a little early, I figured she would walk about the average time, close to a year old.  Oh no, this child is ready to be all over the place NOW!  We have fun letting her take steps between Kyle and I but I will catch her taking steps from one object to another.  So I guess I better just embrace toddlerhood now…

Here is my little overachiever!

Theatrical Thursday ~ Kylee is Standing!

I’m seeing a pattern with Kylee… As soon as she hits another month older she tries SO hard to learn a new skill.  Right before she turned 9 months we started letting her try to stand on her own.  At first it wasn’t very long but she has it down, no problem now!!  She will stand and take a few steps now without us even trying to coax her.  Here is my little grown-up standing all by herself!