December 2013

So a couple of months ago I had a friend reply to my post asking how long I’m going to be referring to Kylee’s age in months rather than years.  I actually quit referring to her age in months at about one and a half but kept it up on the blog and for my scrapbook.  Now that she is three it is probably time that I drop that all together.  BUT we will still be doing monthly photo shoots!!!!!  So here is December’s pictures!  My brother’s family was in town from Pennsylvania for Christmas.  I had planned on doing a Christmas tree stand photo shoot for a while but thought it would be STINKIN CUTE with the cousins!!!  So here they are…

New this month:

When Kylee looks for something and finds it she gets on all fours and say “point”
Won’t step on cracks
If she doesn’t want to do something she says “I too busy”
Chapstick isn’t “woosh” anymore, now it’s “lips” 😦
My non-cuddler started asking to cuddle!  I love hearing “mommy snuggle Ky-ee”
Understands Elf on the Shelf and loves looking for Fisbee every day
Reads books to herself using words from the actual story

Tree Blog04

Tree Blog01

Tree Blog05

Tree Blog02

Tree Blog03


3 Years Old

A month late, but I FINALLY got around to finishing Kylee’s 3 year pictures!  For her last set of fairy tale themed pictures, we did Pocahontas!

New This Month:

Rubs her belly when she says “I hungry”
Searches for stuff by putting her hands up to her eyes and uses her “binoculars”
All fish are now called “guey fish”
Sometimes replies “Are you kidding me?” when told to do something
Refuses to drink milk unless the cup is completely full