30 Before 30 Progress ~ Snowman Hair Clips

I now have 13 of my 20 DIY projects completed.  I got quite a few with Kylee’s party since I made SO much of her decorations.

It’s been a little hard to get into my Christmas festiveness as I usually would with the recent relocation notification but one thing I did do was make cute little snowman hair clips for Kylee and her cousin.  Lexie has significantly more hair than Kylee, so she can wear them right, but I had to put Kylee’s on a headband for them to stay in her hair.  Maybe next year that won’t be needed…

This project was super easy!  I made myself little stencils to trace to make sure everything was the same size, cut the pieces out of craft felt, glued the pieces together with liquid stitch, drew a smile on with a sharpie (my intent was to sew a smile on but I never got around to it) and hot glued a hair clip on the back!

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13 Months

13 Months old and still no teeth…

New This Month:
Spinning in circles
She’s finally giving kisses!!!!
First black eye
Throwing everything out the doggie door
No more bottles
Wants to WALK down the stairs
Fish faces
Trust falls
Walking backwards
Pounds it
Head on the ground and butt up in the air like an ostrich

We have some news!

Yep, we are going to be Texans!  Kyle got an AWESOME promotion and ConocoPhillips is moving us to Houston.  We don’t know the exact date we will be down there yet but we know it’s some time at the end of January.  It’s a little scary but kind of exciting and a great opportunity for Kyle.  I know I’ll be doing more posts before then but I can’t refrain from saying…

Ya’ll have a merry Christmas now, ya hear?  🙂

Kylee’s Birthday

So this post is a little late but I wanted to share some of the pictures from Kylee’s birthday.  One of my 30 before 30 goals is to do one post a week and I forgot last week.  So I will be doing 2 posts this week.  Another 30 before 30 goal was to throw Kylee a big birthday bash.  So that’s what we did!  It was awesome to have all the friends and family that love Kylee so much to celebrate her big day with her.  It was a little madness but so much fun!  So here are a few details from the party…

These pictures are some of the decorations that I made.  I tried to make everything I could.

All the cakes were made by the FABULOUS Melody Ellis

She had so much fun opening all her gifts.  And I know we haven’t gotten thank you cards out but I would like to thank everyone for everything!  Kylee’s first year was amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens this next year!