Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Easter

Happy Shutter Love Tuesday!!!  This weeks theme is Easter, so of course I’m going to post pictures of Kylee in her Easter dress on Sunday!  I’ve really been wanting to do pictures outside but the weather has been so cold lately, either raining or very windy.  In due time though…

Hope everyone has a great week!!!



First Big Girl Bath

Kyle mentioned last week that Kylee looks huge in her infant bath now.  Well that is true, and since she kept trying to sit up in her small bath tub I figured it was probably time to pull out her big girl bath tub.  So out came all the fun bath ducky stuff!  Oh how she loved it.  I would always let her splash in her other bath, but since we gave her the baths in the sink in our wet bar, we would always have water all over the counters, the floors, on the side of the fridge… so now that we have graduated, her new bath goes in the tub which takes less clean up afterwards. 🙂  She loved it so much that I just couldn’t pull her out while she was so happy, so she was a little wrinkly afterwards…

Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Blue

Something I want to start doing to encourage myself to take more pictures is Shutter Love Tuesday!  So come back every Tuesday and HOPEFULLY I’ll have a new image up!

The theme this week is blue and IMMEDIATELY I knew I had to get a great shot of Kylee’s bright blue eyes!  She has her fathers’ eyes and I could look into them all day long.


If you have time, please go to The Trendy Treehouse and vote for my picture and have a great week!!!

5 Months

DING DING DING  In the pink corner is Kylee “Sweetpea” Hughes, weighing in at 14lbs 5oz with a height of 25inches!  Her main method of attack, her kung fu grip.  But the main thing you need to look out for is when that lip sticks out you’re about to get a fury of attitude!

This month was a big one!  The biggest accomplishment being that Kylee is sitting up all on her own!  Right when she turned four months she started trying to sit up and progressed so quickly that she had it mastered in two weeks.  I was thoroughly impressed!  So now she loves to just sit and play with all her toys.

She discovered her feet this month and that is kind of funny to me.  At first it was just her holding on to her feet but when they started going in the mouth is when it became very interesting!  People will make comments like “don’t you wish you could still do that?”  Well, I tried and surprisingly enough I can!  Of course, considering I have a HUGE foot phobia, my foot didn’t go IN my mouth, but it came up to it!

Sorry… ADD.  Back to Kylee!  One thing that Kylee started doing that is driving Kyle nuts is she likes scratching her nails on different surfaces.  The couch drives him especially crazy.  And one thing that drives her mamma nuts… SHE STARTED SUCKING HER THUMB!!!!  We did a pacifier to avoid thumb sucking… a lot of good that did!  And the pacifier breaking is in the mix, so more on that at a later date.  We started her on food which is going great!  She started out on rice cereal and that went over so well that we started on food already.  She tried peas (hated those), sweet potatoes (not much better), bananas (likes those), and the newest introduction is apples (likes those even more).  The odd thing is she still prefers the rice cereal over everything else.  The stuff has absolutely no taste but she can’t get enough of it!  She will be in her high chair starting to get fussy because I’m pretty sure she’s getting full, but she still wants more.  Now that Kylee is on formula alone, I’m SO glad she took to baby food so quick!  This way she goes a lot longer between bottles and I don’t feel like I have to work a ton just to pay for formula!

Wow… five months already.  It scares me a little that I have already reserved my cake lady for her birthday (she’s so amazing that I have to book her this far out).

Nesting or Craftiness

About 6 years ago I started to make a quilt. 5 years later, all the pieces are still not sewn together, therefore I have no quilt still.  About a month before Kylee was born I decided to finish that quilt before she came and I didn’t have time to anymore.  So I did finish that quilt, but then it gave me the bug to get crafty some more.  So I made some stinkin’ cute name blocks that hang above her bed.  I was so proud of myself but everyone said I was nesting.

Well, I must still be in nesting mode because I have kept at it since Kylee was born.  I made her a blanket and pillow so she could have them to play with on the floor.  I loved it so much I’ve decided I’m making blankets for all my friends that have babies from here on out.  Then I made Kylee and Lexie (my niece) tag blocks that Kylee loves to play with, so maybe I’ll include one of those in the baby gifts as well.  Then I saw a WAY cute idea that I want to try next, I just wish I had seen it earlier so Kylee could have had it for the winter.  They are fleece hats!!  One will look like a penguin and the other a snowman!!  I’m excited to see if I can make it look right.  Just need to find the time.

But I’m doing well on my goal to make baby gifts!!  I’ve made baby Calloway his blanket and matching pillow and I actually love it more than I love Kylee’s!  While looking for patterns for hats, I saw that Martha Stewart sends e-mails for a “Craft a Day” and I’m waiting to see something that I really want to do.  My mom went through this stage at one point too which makes me curious if it’s a stage or if it will last.  I guess we will see!!


Kylee playing with her tag block


The quilt I finally finished


Kylee’s blanket and matching pillow

Video Love

It seems like Kylee is showing us something new every day!  A couple days after she turned 4 months old Kylee decided she wanted to sit up and she already has it mastered.  She will sit forever and just play with her toys.  The video below shows her sitting but it also shows her laughing at Miss.  The second video is from a couple weeks ago.  She started doing this razz noise, and for a couple weeks it was all she would do.