Kylee’s Modeling Debut

No, it’s really not THAT glamorous…

I got the craft bug again.  Kylee’s still getting mistaken for a boy a lot since she has very little hair and she doesn’t always wear pink (hardly ever actually).  So I took some inspiration from some CUTE headbands that our awesome friend Rebehah Wagner made Kylee and decided I need to start putting more bows in her hair.  The problem I’m running into is that I don’t like the HUGE flowers that are as big as a child’s head and all the little ones that we have are getting too small for her head.  I decided I wanted to make some that will clip onto the crochet headbands that she already has.

So I went to hobby lobby, got some supplies, put it all together, and LOVED what I had ended up with!!  I got some good feedback on them and someone suggested that I could make them and sell them on Etsy.  So I took some pictures and posted a few on Etsy.  Time will only tell if everyone else thought they were as cute as I did.  Anyways, I needed pictures of them for the postings, so Kylee was my little model.  And I must admit, I think she is a PERFECT model!!  🙂

Here is how they turned out!


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