Theatrical Thursday ~ Kylee saying please

It’s been a while since I’ve done Theatrical Thursday but I definitely wanted to get a video of one of the only words Kylee says.  It’s so cute, if Kylee sees something she wants, she points at it say says “pees” or sometimes when she is persistent it comes out “beez.”  At least it’s polite…


30 Before 30 ~ Family Tradition

One of my goals before I turn 30 is to make a family tradition for us.  Since one of my FAVORITE times of year is Christmas I thought it would be perfect to make a Christmas Eve family tradition for us, so this was our first year to do it!!

Although Kylee wasn’t old enough to help this year, I’m excited for the following years for us to mix and make cookies to put out for Santa.  The we go around looking at Christmas lights, come back home and read a Christmas story and watch a Christmas movie!  This year the story was Charlie Brown and the movie was The Muppets Christmas.  I love that we have something to do for just our little family!

Here is Kylee and dad reading the book!

Kylee in her dress ready to go to the candle light service at church

I love my little family!

14 Months

14 months old and her tooth just BARELY poked out of the gums!!!

New this month:
Nothing is out of reach anymore
Walking on tippy toes
Feeding self with fork and spoon
Playing with her belly button
Blubbering with her finger up and down on her lips
Pointing to her belly button when you ask where is her pupik (pupik is czech)
Saying please when she wants something (it comes out beez)
Her tooth popped through!!!
She pushes herself on her ride along toys

Video Love

To make up for my SERIOUS lack of blogging, I will be posting 4 blog posts in the next 2 weeks to KIND OF stay up on my goal of one post a week.  So this post is a video of Kylee feeding herself with her fork!  Just one day she wanted to feed herself and did it, I was pretty impressed!  We still have a little improving to do but for the most part she does really well!

Here she is eating her breakfast