30 Before 30 ~ DIY Fan Makeover

The house that we purchased here in Texas was a foreclosure.  Now don’t get the wrong picture, it’s only 5 years old and it is in such great condition that when we looked at it, we first thought it was a brand new house.  The people before didn’t trash it (if they did the bank fixed it all) but they did take anything of value.  They took the stove, the motors for the garage door openers, the blinds, and even all the ceiling fans.  You know the bank spent as little as possible trying to get it in shape so they put in the $10 lighting fixtures in every room and being this is Houston, we desperately needed ceiling fans.  Kylee’s room was the last priority since, at the time, she was not staying in there.

My aunt took down an old ceiling fan from their house and asked if we wanted it.  We had spent a lot on the house already, so I’m sure as heck going to take something for free!  She took it out for a reason; it’s an old ugly plain white fan with GOLD accents and I HATE gold.  So I decided it’s going in Kylee’s room, why not make a project out of it!!!!  Heck, it was free, I have nothing to lose.

This was the fan when we received it, boring and outdated.  So my first task was to disassemble it and get rid of all the gold.  I took everything that was gold and applied 2 coats of Rustoleum hammered bronze.  I loved the hammered look and it really did turn out as good as it looks on the cap of the can.

The next thing I did was paint colored polka dots onto the fan blades that coordinate with the colors that I did in Kylee’s room.  I’m a perfectionist, so I used the spray paint can as a stencil for the circles and I carefully measured out where they went to make sure every fan was the same.

After that all I had to do was reassemble the fan.  Now the thing that I am most proud of is that Kyle didn’t help me with any of it!!  I took it all apart and put it all back together all by myself; the only thing he did was hang the fan in the room.

And here is the finished product hanging in Kylee’s new room, which she does spend a lot of time in now.


30 Before 30 ~ Run a 10K

As I started doing my Insanity workouts and started getting into shape, I quickly realized that even though I ran cross-country in high school, there was no way that I wanted to just straight run 6 miles.  So then I found The Original Mud Run and it looked perfect for me!! They had a 10k and it also included 30 obstacles along the way, half involving mud which would save me from the Houston heat!

My race was on May 26 at the Sam Houston Race Park.  I signed up for the non-competitive division along with 2,200 other people.  I signed up for the non-competitive division because I figured I wasn’t in good enough shape to compete and I just set a goal for myself to never walk and to complete every obstacle.  When the race started my competitive nature set in but I did complete my goal of not walking and completing every obstacle.

Since there were 2,200 people doing the race, most doing only the 5k portion, they had to start different heats.  Every 30 minutes they let off 2 different 5k groups and a 10k group.  The first race started at 9 and my race didn’t start until 10:30.  The 10k people started out by going onto the actual horse track and then joined back in where the 5k people started.  So all the different heats got mixed together.  At the beginning of the race there were 5 women in front of me and my goal quickly became to be the first girl to finish our heat.  Shortly after we merged onto the track with everyone else I passed up the last 2 women in our heat, so as long as they didn’t pass me again I was good to go.  I’m glad I passed them early because once we really got deep into the track it was a big cluster of people.  There were a couple more places in the track where the 10k people had to go one way and the 5k people went another.  There were a few obstacles that were more difficult and the lines got pretty long waiting to complete the obstacle.  The longest one was the rope walk where we had to walk about 40 yards across a rope with only one other rope higher for us to hold onto.  Others with lines were the net that we had to climb straight up about 15 feet, the balance beams, the leap of faith into 9 foot deep water, and the slip and slide that we had to climb up onto and slide down into water.  We had to swim through mud canals, one of which had a camouflage net right at the water level and while pushing up the net my wrist band got stuck in the net.  The guy behind me ran into me and after I told him what had happened he ripped me free of the net.  We also had to climb up and over 4 horizontal 2x4s up 20 feet high, army crawl through mud under barbed wire, crawl through tunnels, run through a muddy forest, go over and under logs, swing across water on a rope, climb over walls, and the last obstacle was crawling through a huge mud pit so you were nice and muddy when you crossed the finish line.

There were 841 people who ran the 10k.  I finished it in 1 hour and 18 minutes which I thought was pretty good considering how long we had to wait for some of the obstacles.  The woman who finished the competitive division first did it in 1 hour and 1 minute but I can’t help but wonder if they had to wait in the lines like we did.  Out of the 841 people who did the 10k I finished 81st (including men).  There were actually lots of women that had times that were less than the woman who won the competitive division which makes me believe they didn’t do all of the course and all of the obstacles, which they were not required to.  I really want to do this again and next time sign up early enough to get in the first heat so I don’t have the long lines and see what kind of time I can get then think about doing the competitive division 🙂

30 Before 30 ~ Family Tradition

One of my goals before I turn 30 is to make a family tradition for us.  Since one of my FAVORITE times of year is Christmas I thought it would be perfect to make a Christmas Eve family tradition for us, so this was our first year to do it!!

Although Kylee wasn’t old enough to help this year, I’m excited for the following years for us to mix and make cookies to put out for Santa.  The we go around looking at Christmas lights, come back home and read a Christmas story and watch a Christmas movie!  This year the story was Charlie Brown and the movie was The Muppets Christmas.  I love that we have something to do for just our little family!

Here is Kylee and dad reading the book!

Kylee in her dress ready to go to the candle light service at church

I love my little family!

30 Before 30 Progress ~ Snowman Hair Clips

I now have 13 of my 20 DIY projects completed.  I got quite a few with Kylee’s party since I made SO much of her decorations.

It’s been a little hard to get into my Christmas festiveness as I usually would with the recent relocation notification but one thing I did do was make cute little snowman hair clips for Kylee and her cousin.  Lexie has significantly more hair than Kylee, so she can wear them right, but I had to put Kylee’s on a headband for them to stay in her hair.  Maybe next year that won’t be needed…

This project was super easy!  I made myself little stencils to trace to make sure everything was the same size, cut the pieces out of craft felt, glued the pieces together with liquid stitch, drew a smile on with a sharpie (my intent was to sew a smile on but I never got around to it) and hot glued a hair clip on the back!

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Kylee’s Birthday

So this post is a little late but I wanted to share some of the pictures from Kylee’s birthday.  One of my 30 before 30 goals is to do one post a week and I forgot last week.  So I will be doing 2 posts this week.  Another 30 before 30 goal was to throw Kylee a big birthday bash.  So that’s what we did!  It was awesome to have all the friends and family that love Kylee so much to celebrate her big day with her.  It was a little madness but so much fun!  So here are a few details from the party…

These pictures are some of the decorations that I made.  I tried to make everything I could.

All the cakes were made by the FABULOUS Melody Ellis

She had so much fun opening all her gifts.  And I know we haven’t gotten thank you cards out but I would like to thank everyone for everything!  Kylee’s first year was amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens this next year!


30 Before 30 ~ Craftiness

One thing on my 30 before 30 list is to do 20 DIY projects.  I’m actually doing really well on that goal; steadily on my way there.  I’ve done several projects.  I have made the shirt that Kylee is going to wear on her birthday (pictures of that will be on her birthday post), I’ve made Kylee some cute headbands, I made a pin board to hold all of the cards we get from our family and friends, I made a snowman hat for Kylee, and I also made a bow holder to hold Kylee’s growing collection of bows and headbands.

The first thing I made was this pin board.  I see a lot of boards like this, but never in a pattern I like, big as I want, or as nice as I want.  So I decided to make one!  I bought a roll of corkboard and glued it onto a poster board.  Then I put two layers of batting on the board and covered it with the material that I liked.  After that I glued ribbon in a crisscross pattern.  I bought flat push pins and a set of black square brads from the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby.  I cut the prongs off the brads and glued the squares to the push pin, then glued them where the ribbon intersected.  I also made extras to pin stuff up.  I had measure the board to fit inside a frame that I had bought in the custom frame isle when they were half off at Hobby Lobby.

The next project I did was Kylee’s bow holder.  I simply bought a wooden K and a piece of scrapbook paper that I liked cut to fit the K and glued on.  I bought some hooks that screw on and painted them purple to match the paper.  Then I simply glued on ribbon to the back of the K to hang it and to clip the bows onto!

This is my project that I just finished today.  This is the first hat that I’ve made and I love how it turned out but there are some changes that I will make if I ever make another.  I saw this snowman hat and a penguin hat that I thought I would try to make myself.  I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to make it so I had to wing it.  I’m actually very proud of myself with how well it turned out with no instruction.  This one was way too much to try to explain, but maybe one day I will post a tutorial.  Kylee doesn’t look happy about the hat but it’s because she’s not feeling well, I promise!

I’m hoping to post more of these with instructions on how I did them so I can participate in Crafty Friday that the Crafty Nest hosts.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  We are in Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta so stay tuned for pictures of all the hot air balloons!

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30 Before 30 ~ Jeeping Trip Completed!

This post is going to be posted just in time to save me from failing one of my goals!  🙂   I’m in Albuquerque photographing a wedding this weekend and I had a little time this morning thankfully!  This is actually my first time away from Kylee for more than a day.

Two weekends ago we went on a jeeping trip with my family!!  We had a BLAST and we are trying to find more trails closer to town so we don’t have to do a camping excursion every time since it’s starting to get cold up in the mountains already.  We camped in Rico and on Saturday we four-wheeled up Scotch Creek and over to Bolum Pass.  It wasn’t the best trail in the world but we had fun all the same.  We were in our Jeep with my brother Shane and my parents were in the beast with my brother Ryan and his girlfriend.  We only made Kylee ride in her car seat when she was sleeping or when we were going a little bit faster, the rest of the time she rode up front with us and she LOVED it!  I can’t wait for our next excursion!!!

I have the memory card from my little camera but completely forgot the jump drive that has the pictures I was going to post from my big camera.  Oh well, this post will be action shots and I’ll do another one with the pretty shots, because that’s mainly what they are 🙂

The beast going through a huge puddle

We need to come up with a name for our Jeep!

After 4-wheeling we went up to Telluride.  We rode the gondola over to Mountain Village.  This is a view of Telluride from the gondola

The men (if any actually read this)will like this picture.  We saw these bucks on the way back to camp.  They were HUGE!