18 Months

New this Month:
Opens doors
Unscrews tops and unzips zippers
Loves necklaces and bracelets

Height: 32.5″ (73rd percentile)
Weight:  22lbs 2oz (44th percentile) 


17 Months

17 months means I better get busy on getting Kylee a new doctor down here since she will have her one and a half year check-up next month.  EEk!

New This Month:
Started doing somersaults all by herself
Points to knees, head, ears, nose, teeth, tummy, feet and elbows when you ask her where they are
Says hello when she puts the phone up to her ear (but only pretending, not when there is actually someone on the phone)
Pats her leg and says “Iss” to call Miss
Loves working and playing with buckles
Had 3 teeth pop through on the top

This month the bluebonnets were out and since it is the state flower we had to go get pictures in the fields!  Apparently there are bigger fields than the one we went to if we had driven a little bit further.