My Walker

Yeah I know, when I thought up the title the first thing that came to my mind was it sounds like I’m old and I need a walker for support. However, I think I have a few more years until I need one of those. This title is concerning Kylee (like all of them because Kyle and I know we are unimportant now). This little girl has got to be the most ambitious one I have seen! She barely starts scooting around on her own, learns to sit up from her belly and now she wants to walk!! At first she was reluctant but then one day she decided she wanted to do it and just took off like a pro, like she does with everything she attempts. Now that she’s figured out how to take steps I’m even more nervous than ever! She will make her way to something, pull herself up, and cruise around it all on her own. We had to take the coffee table out of the upstairs living room because it has become a hazard and not because of sharp edges.

Here is a video of her taking off.

And throughout typing this whole thing I’ve had to restrain Kylee from messing with the laptop (she loves them). So here is a little note from Kylee.

m,.. NHJ KTMzrzszxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi/ ,.j nbfnvvhyiuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubn fm gc b vvb


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