10 Months

I keep trying to tell myself that this isn’t right, there is no way my little girl is 10 months old.  However, she keeps showing me that she is definitely growing up.  This month has been kind of a big one in the fact that she started walking!!!  Kylee has been reaching her milestones a little early since the beginning, but I really didn’t think she would be walking at 9 months.  But she hit 9 months, started out by standing and then just started taking off.  She is doing really awesome too!  She will walk all the way across a room like she’s been doing it for a while.  Every once in a while she will lose balance and topple down, but she has picked it up SO fast.

Other little things that she has started doing this month… she FINALLY started feeding herself with her fingers.  She learned how to clap and that just brings the biggest smile to her face.  With the confidence that she gained in walking and pushing her lion, she now thinks she needs to push EVERYTHING, even things that don’t move that well she still tries to push them around.  She’s learning that she can communicate without crying, so when she doesn’t want something she will just push it away with her hand.  I’m learning very quickly that you never think of these kinds of things as feats until you have a child of your own.

One thing that we LOVE to do is chase Kylee!  We will say “I’m gunna get you” and she just takes off crawling.  She loves doing this and will just giggle the whole time she’s crawling away.  She’s gotten so fast too.  She also thinks it’s fun to throw things now.  The other day she threw the remotes and hit Miss with it.  Those two are almost inseparable now though.  Kylee loves to give her puppy hugs and Miss is usually right there by Kylee.

When I took Kylee in for her checkup last month she had some spots on her; several on her leg and one on her face.  The doctor said it is a virus that is kind of like a wart called moluscum contagiosum.  She said it will go away on it’s own but it does spread, so we need to give her showers until they go away completely.  So now instead of her bath before bedtime, she gets a shower before bedtime and she has grown to LOVE the shower.  She has so much more room and crawls all over the shower after her toys.  I take my showers in the morning, so Kyle is the one that bathes with her.  It has grown to be one of my most favorite times because I love seeing those two have their own thing.  It always puts a smile on my face too because when both of them are all washed off Kyle will just sit down and play with her and it melts my heart every night.

Well, I guess I’ll wrap it up and give you what you really want, the pictures…  It was a little bit tricky this time because it has been raining EVERY day!  So Kylee got to pull out her fall clothes for this photo shoot.

As you can see the hair still can not be tamed…







30 Before 30 ~ Jeeping Trip Completed!

This post is going to be posted just in time to save me from failing one of my goals!  🙂   I’m in Albuquerque photographing a wedding this weekend and I had a little time this morning thankfully!  This is actually my first time away from Kylee for more than a day.

Two weekends ago we went on a jeeping trip with my family!!  We had a BLAST and we are trying to find more trails closer to town so we don’t have to do a camping excursion every time since it’s starting to get cold up in the mountains already.  We camped in Rico and on Saturday we four-wheeled up Scotch Creek and over to Bolum Pass.  It wasn’t the best trail in the world but we had fun all the same.  We were in our Jeep with my brother Shane and my parents were in the beast with my brother Ryan and his girlfriend.  We only made Kylee ride in her car seat when she was sleeping or when we were going a little bit faster, the rest of the time she rode up front with us and she LOVED it!  I can’t wait for our next excursion!!!

I have the memory card from my little camera but completely forgot the jump drive that has the pictures I was going to post from my big camera.  Oh well, this post will be action shots and I’ll do another one with the pretty shots, because that’s mainly what they are 🙂

The beast going through a huge puddle

We need to come up with a name for our Jeep!

After 4-wheeling we went up to Telluride.  We rode the gondola over to Mountain Village.  This is a view of Telluride from the gondola

The men (if any actually read this)will like this picture.  We saw these bucks on the way back to camp.  They were HUGE!

Theatrical Thursday ~ Toddlerhood, here we come

I figured I better post this while I’m waiting for Kylee to wake up.  Even though my child has always done things a little early, I figured she would walk about the average time, close to a year old.  Oh no, this child is ready to be all over the place NOW!  We have fun letting her take steps between Kyle and I but I will catch her taking steps from one object to another.  So I guess I better just embrace toddlerhood now…

Here is my little overachiever!