Food… Part 2

In the last blog I shared that when Kylee was about a month and a half old she quit nursing, so we have been giving her a bottle ever since.  So I would pump and give her the bottle and everything was much better.  Unfortunately my milk supply started dwindling so we were having to supplement, either with stored milk or formula.  Now that my milk supply is pretty much nothing we are down to only thawed milk and formula and for the past month Kylee will throw fits with her bottle every once in a while.

Kyle’s brother and his family came into town this past weekend and when I was talking with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Lisa helped us come to the conclusion that the problem was probably the thawed breast milk.  Up until now I’ve been using the stored milk in Kylee’s cereal too and she has never taken to it.  So last night and today we tried it with water instead and it is a HUGE success now!  The video below shows Kylee gobbling it down like a champ.  And since I still want to use up the rest of the stored milk, we are preparing bottles with mostly formula and mixing in a little breast milk and that has been going a lot better too!  Yay for having a good eater again!



So when Kylee was about a month and a half she started refusing to breast feed, so she’s been on a bottle ever since.  At the last check-up, Kylee’s doctor said we can start her on solids whenever I’m ready, and she really stressed when I’M ready, not Kylee.  At first I thought this was odd and then I saw one of my friends post a comment on facebook about her nursing her baby and how she loves it.  Then it clicked that I guess some moms wouldn’t want to give up that bonding experience already and I actually felt a little jealous.  Since I don’t have that pleasure, my thought was “why not start her now?”  I’m thinking it’s a good thing we are starting early, because I think Kylee is going to take a lot of convincing when it comes to food.  We are starting out with rice cereal and these pictures will give you a good idea of how it is every time.  These pictures are the first time for Kylee to try solids.

Started off happy!

Mmm, what’s this?

Nope, no thank you!

Still in a good mood though 🙂

I figured since we are trying to get her to eat big girl food, we should probably give her a spot at the big kid table that we never eat at…  I have a feeling that we will be using it a lot more when she actually starts eating solids though!

4 Months

I really wish that I could be super mom with the ability to bend time and get everything that I want to do done.  Alas, there are many days that the house goes uncleaned, dinner is in the form of takeout, not all my work has gotten done, and another day has gone by that I didn’t capture a picture of Kylee.  However, today I read a couple blogs that have inspired me to be better about my blogging; if not my photography blog, at least my personal one 🙂  Let’s see if the inspiration lasts before reality sets in…

I actually have a few pictures that I have taken, I just need to edit them before I can share them with all of you.  But I have Kylee’s 4 month pictures ready!  We took them yesterday of course, but I wanted to wait until today to do the blog post so I would have Kylee’s new stats since we went to the doctor today.  Sadly enough, doctor visit at 4 months means shots and the shots brought on Kylee’s first fever.  😦

Kylee weighed in at 13lb 12oz and is 24.5 inches long!  She is growing so fast but it is hard to believe that it has already been 4 months!  It seems like every day she is gaining a new skill and is that much closer to not needing her mommy anymore… Today she had her first battle with solids!  I say battle because I think more ended up on the bib than in her tummy.  This actually surprised me a little because everything Kylee gets her hands on goes in her mouth now!  Even if something is bigger than her head, she still tries to put it in her mouth.  And it isn’t acceptable to be laying down now, Kylee loves sitting up and seeing what is going on.  She can even sit up by herself for maybe 20 seconds at a time.

She rolled over for the first time this month!  Kyle was able to see her roll from her belly to her back the first time and she has done it SO many more times since then.  She has rolled over from her back to her belly once but I think she prefers just rolling onto her side and staying there because if she is on the floor, she is usually on her side.  I seriously feel like in a few months she is going to pack her toys, take her puppy, and walk out that door.  We had some friends over one night to play Rockband and we let Kylee stay with my parents so we didn’t keep her up.  She did just fine and, surprisingly, so did I.  So she had her first sleepover before she was even four months old!  She is already trying so hard to crawl!  On her belly she will always get her knees under her and try to move, and as soon as her little arms are strong enough to hold her body up, she is going to be moving nonstop!  She is even starting to stand for quite a while while holding our hands.  I’m not sure I want her to mobil just yet.

Some things I’ve learned this month…

1.  Even though she looks bald, Kylee actually has a lot of hair.  It’s just so blonde that you can’t see it.
2.  Spit bubbles are the new accessory
3.  Smart bottle warmers aren’t so smart
4.  Even though you plan on doing something a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s the way it will actually be
5.  I cherish nap time and try to get as much as possible done in that short time
6.  Even though they are this tiny person, babies take up a LOT of room!
7.  I love being a mom!!!

That little toothless smile makes my heart melt!