Theatrical Thursday ~ Feeding Fish

For the past 2 weeks we have been living in a hotel room while looking for a house in Houston.  We check out today and I expected to be completely sick of this place but it has actually been really nice.  We stayed at the Omni and the hotel is extremely nice with awesome people working here.  No, this isn’t an advertisement for the hotel, I have just been that impressed.  There is a big pond running through the hotel and one thing that we have done every day is let Kylee feed the fish.  The staff would get so excited when they saw us coming with Kylee and would give her a lot more fish food than they give other people.  Kylee always had fun feeding all the fish.  She actually got used to hotel life quickly.  She would run down the hall, push the button for the elevator, walk in when it opened, and knew exactly where to go when we said we were going to feed the fish.  Here is a video of her doing just that…


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