Theatrical Thursday

I had planned on posting at least one of these video’s in Kylee’s 9 month post but COMPLETELY forgot to.  It’s okay though because I’ve been meaning to start a new thing called Theatrical Thursday’s anyways.  I take a lot of video of Kylee and I rarely get to show it to anyone, so I want to start posting a video on every Thursday to share with all of you.  Kylee is growing up SO fast and she gains more skills everyday so I want to start sharing that with all of you more!

These videos were taken of Kylee with her lion.  It’s a transitional toy that she can walk and push now and later be able to ride when she can push herself.  We do let her ride on it now, every once in a while when we are willing to get on our knees and push her.  But she LOVES to walk with this thing.  She will push it to one side of the room and we have to turn it around so she can push it back.  I thought I had a few months before she would be walking on her own but I think that day is going to come faster than we thought because she is starting to look like a pro!



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