Food… Part 2

In the last blog I shared that when Kylee was about a month and a half old she quit nursing, so we have been giving her a bottle ever since.  So I would pump and give her the bottle and everything was much better.  Unfortunately my milk supply started dwindling so we were having to supplement, either with stored milk or formula.  Now that my milk supply is pretty much nothing we are down to only thawed milk and formula and for the past month Kylee will throw fits with her bottle every once in a while.

Kyle’s brother and his family came into town this past weekend and when I was talking with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Lisa helped us come to the conclusion that the problem was probably the thawed breast milk.  Up until now I’ve been using the stored milk in Kylee’s cereal too and she has never taken to it.  So last night and today we tried it with water instead and it is a HUGE success now!  The video below shows Kylee gobbling it down like a champ.  And since I still want to use up the rest of the stored milk, we are preparing bottles with mostly formula and mixing in a little breast milk and that has been going a lot better too!  Yay for having a good eater again!


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