So when Kylee was about a month and a half she started refusing to breast feed, so she’s been on a bottle ever since.  At the last check-up, Kylee’s doctor said we can start her on solids whenever I’m ready, and she really stressed when I’M ready, not Kylee.  At first I thought this was odd and then I saw one of my friends post a comment on facebook about her nursing her baby and how she loves it.  Then it clicked that I guess some moms wouldn’t want to give up that bonding experience already and I actually felt a little jealous.  Since I don’t have that pleasure, my thought was “why not start her now?”  I’m thinking it’s a good thing we are starting early, because I think Kylee is going to take a lot of convincing when it comes to food.  We are starting out with rice cereal and these pictures will give you a good idea of how it is every time.  These pictures are the first time for Kylee to try solids.

Started off happy!

Mmm, what’s this?

Nope, no thank you!

Still in a good mood though 🙂

I figured since we are trying to get her to eat big girl food, we should probably give her a spot at the big kid table that we never eat at…  I have a feeling that we will be using it a lot more when she actually starts eating solids though!


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