30 Before 30 Progress ~ Snowman Hair Clips

I now have 13 of my 20 DIY projects completed.  I got quite a few with Kylee’s party since I made SO much of her decorations.

It’s been a little hard to get into my Christmas festiveness as I usually would with the recent relocation notification but one thing I did do was make cute little snowman hair clips for Kylee and her cousin.  Lexie has significantly more hair than Kylee, so she can wear them right, but I had to put Kylee’s on a headband for them to stay in her hair.  Maybe next year that won’t be needed…

This project was super easy!  I made myself little stencils to trace to make sure everything was the same size, cut the pieces out of craft felt, glued the pieces together with liquid stitch, drew a smile on with a sharpie (my intent was to sew a smile on but I never got around to it) and hot glued a hair clip on the back!

Featured On The  Crafty Nest


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