30 Before 30 ~ The List and Progress

The List and The Progress

  • Go on a jeeping trip in our new Jeep (Completed 8/27/11)
  • Get my scrapbook up to date
  • Take a family trip, just the 3 of us (Completed 1/14/12 Went to Grand Canyon)
  • Attend another photography seminar or convention (Completed in January (sort of) watched online wedding photography class)
  • Get new boobs (Completed 6/28/12)
  • Religiously do the Insanity workout program (Completed 6/8/12)
  • Clean out all Kyle’s and my clothes we don’t wear and donate them (Completed 10/6/11)
  • Pay to have a professional photographer take family pictures of us (Completed 10/7/11)
  • Eat a home cooked dinner 5 nights of the week for a month without repeating a recipe (Completed 7/28/12)
  • Get a tan that other people actually notice (Completed 7/31/12 I got as dark as I want to go)
  • Go to the Grand Canyon (Completed 1/14/12)
  • Try Octopus (not the carwash, the animal)  (Completed 1/30/12)
  • COMPLETE 20 diy projects (Completed 20 of 20 on 7/30/12)
  • Start selling Fine Art photography prints (December I started selling my design materials, which is my new focus)
  • Update my passport (Completed 7/26/12)
  • Go a full day without wearing a bra (have to enter public) (Complete 6/10/12)
  • Have 50 recipes in my scrapbook recipe book (50/50 complete)
  • Throw Kylee a big birthday bash for her 1st birthday (Completed November 13!)
  • Run a 10K (Completed 5/25/12)
  • Go a full month without a margarita (margarita’s are my weakness) (Completed in April)
  • Start a college fund for Kylee (Complete: Started a savings account for now)
  • Attend a horse race and bet on a random horse (Complete 6/15/12)
  • Take vitamins every day for a month (Completed 8/1/12)
  • Try 10 new restaurants (Completed 10 of 10 7/18/12)
  • Float down a river in tubes (Complete 6/17/12)
  • Come up with a family tradition for us (Completed 12/24/11 Christmas Eve tradition)
  • Post at least one blog a week for the full year FAIL!!!!!
  • Play a round of golf without a mulligan (Completed 9/24/11 and it wasn’t pretty!)
  • See a local theater show (Completed 10/28/11 Saw Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  • DO NOT CRY when I turn 30!!

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