Catch Up

Oh my goodness, I have COMPLETELY been neglecting my blog!!!  I’ve been meaning to catch up on Kylee’s monthly posts/pics but the further behind I got, the more it seemed like too much to do 🙂  But here is the catch up for you!


26 Months

Officially potty trained and in big girl panties!
Asks for “cancan” (candy) after she goes in the potty
Vocabulary has doubled since birthday
Always asks for yogurt
Mumbles her own version of grace and says “amen”
Says “anks” (thanks) without being told to
Has shifted to watching Bubble Guppies more
Started gymnastics





27 Months

Transitioned to a toddler bed
Can count to 10
Refers to her stuff as Ky-ee’s (Ky-ee’s shirt)
Points to our stuff and says “yours”
The “farm” is getting quite extensive
Now loves Dora
Most effective form of punishment: putting the animals in time out




28 Months

Yells “guys” when she wants our attention
Got croup for the first time
I love you more game
Sucks on finger to call the dog
Hit a major growth spurt & moved into 2T in everything
Size 8 foot now!
Fakes sneezes
Helps sort laundry and put away dishes





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