30 Before 30 ~ Run a 10K

As I started doing my Insanity workouts and started getting into shape, I quickly realized that even though I ran cross-country in high school, there was no way that I wanted to just straight run 6 miles.  So then I found The Original Mud Run and it looked perfect for me!! They had a 10k and it also included 30 obstacles along the way, half involving mud which would save me from the Houston heat!

My race was on May 26 at the Sam Houston Race Park.  I signed up for the non-competitive division along with 2,200 other people.  I signed up for the non-competitive division because I figured I wasn’t in good enough shape to compete and I just set a goal for myself to never walk and to complete every obstacle.  When the race started my competitive nature set in but I did complete my goal of not walking and completing every obstacle.

Since there were 2,200 people doing the race, most doing only the 5k portion, they had to start different heats.  Every 30 minutes they let off 2 different 5k groups and a 10k group.  The first race started at 9 and my race didn’t start until 10:30.  The 10k people started out by going onto the actual horse track and then joined back in where the 5k people started.  So all the different heats got mixed together.  At the beginning of the race there were 5 women in front of me and my goal quickly became to be the first girl to finish our heat.  Shortly after we merged onto the track with everyone else I passed up the last 2 women in our heat, so as long as they didn’t pass me again I was good to go.  I’m glad I passed them early because once we really got deep into the track it was a big cluster of people.  There were a couple more places in the track where the 10k people had to go one way and the 5k people went another.  There were a few obstacles that were more difficult and the lines got pretty long waiting to complete the obstacle.  The longest one was the rope walk where we had to walk about 40 yards across a rope with only one other rope higher for us to hold onto.  Others with lines were the net that we had to climb straight up about 15 feet, the balance beams, the leap of faith into 9 foot deep water, and the slip and slide that we had to climb up onto and slide down into water.  We had to swim through mud canals, one of which had a camouflage net right at the water level and while pushing up the net my wrist band got stuck in the net.  The guy behind me ran into me and after I told him what had happened he ripped me free of the net.  We also had to climb up and over 4 horizontal 2x4s up 20 feet high, army crawl through mud under barbed wire, crawl through tunnels, run through a muddy forest, go over and under logs, swing across water on a rope, climb over walls, and the last obstacle was crawling through a huge mud pit so you were nice and muddy when you crossed the finish line.

There were 841 people who ran the 10k.  I finished it in 1 hour and 18 minutes which I thought was pretty good considering how long we had to wait for some of the obstacles.  The woman who finished the competitive division first did it in 1 hour and 1 minute but I can’t help but wonder if they had to wait in the lines like we did.  Out of the 841 people who did the 10k I finished 81st (including men).  There were actually lots of women that had times that were less than the woman who won the competitive division which makes me believe they didn’t do all of the course and all of the obstacles, which they were not required to.  I really want to do this again and next time sign up early enough to get in the first heat so I don’t have the long lines and see what kind of time I can get then think about doing the competitive division 🙂


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