Easter 2012

So I have officially failed my goal of blogging every week!  This move has been specially crazy.  We moved down here before we had closed on our house.  Thankfully we have awesome friends and family that volunteered their extras rooms for us to stay in.  We ended up staying with our friends Pat and Megan since they were a closer drive to work for Kyle and I can’t even express enough how much we appreciated their hospitality!  It also helped that their house is just 5 minutes away from our house, so it was easy to go to the other house if we needed to.  We are officially in our house and we have most of the boxes unpacked so I actually have kind of a routine down finally.  Part of that routine is going to be get back on blogging schedule!!!

These next few posts are going to be late but I’m trying to get caught back up.  So now I am going to post Easter.  The Easter bunny came and I didn’t think Kylee would get into it that much, maybe grab a few eggs and get bored but I was wrong!  She picked up the concept almost immediately and did not want to stop looking for eggs.  I finally had to hide the Easter basket because if we tried to take it away she threw a big ol’ fit.  So here are some pictures and a video of her hunting eggs.  ENJOY!


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