One Year Old

It’s official, I have a one year old!  People really don’t lie when they say the old “my how time flies.”  I can’t believe that one year ago today was one of the most joyful, then scariest days of my life.  Although it is scary that God entrusted a child to me, the scary part was not knowing what was wrong with our just born child that was flown 300 miles away.  Just last week I finally sat down and scrapbooked her birth and in preparing for that I went back and read her birth story which brought tears to my eyes and even does now as I think about that special day and everything she has accomplished in the past year.  How she was a jabberbox from a VERY early age, her sitting up on her own, all the crazy faces that she has learned to make, learning to crawl and then shortly after to walk so much earlier than I anticipated.  But the best part of the whole year is knowing she’s learned to love.  How can she not know love with all the MANY people that love her though?

This last month I have tried extra hard to cherish every moment with Kylee knowing this is, officially, her last month of being a baby.  She is definitely becoming a lover.  She has started walking up to us when we are on the floor and just sitting in our laps.  I’ve come to realize that I will never get the cute little open mouth baby kisses but she more than makes up for it with the many hugs she gives.  She LOVES to give hugs now to people other than the dog.  Her first word was actually the dog’s name.  However, she doesn’t use the M in her name so it usually comes out “iss”, “giss” or “biss.”  We about flipped out the first time she pointed to her puppy and said “iss.”

We were trying to teach her sign language for a while and she would just never do it, so we finally gave up trying a couple of months ago.  The other day after she was done eating I said “all done!  Say all done” and I wouldn’t let her out until she did it and she just popped her arms up, which is sign language for “all done.”  The little terd knows it, she just won’t use it to communicate.  She has started giving high fives, which is the only thing she will do regularly (remember I mentioned that she will start to do something then not do it anymore?).  It amazes me how active she is and how mischievous she can be though!  The girl has no fear and doesn’t give up on something until she does it.  So she pushes chairs across the kitchen (she loves to push shopping carts), she pulls the broiler drawer open and gets in it (and that drawer isn’t easy to open), she pulls everything out of the cabinets and climbs in them, pulls herself up into the dryer; she just pretty much loves climbing into everything right now.  I even caught her standing in her diaper caddy one day!

One thing that she does now (that I love) is she likes to hold someone’s hand when she walks somewhere.  She has now gotten to where she will pull you in a direction that she wants to go.  And I am sad and scared to say that she now runs which means CONSTANTLY keeping an eye on her now.

I have been so proud to watch Kylee grow this year and all she has accomplished and I just hope this next year doesn’t go by so quickly.


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