11 Months

Kylee is growing up SO fast!  I can’t believe she is going to be one in one short month.  This last month has been such a fun one though.

Kylee is REALLY starting to get her own little personality.  This does include throwing fits when she doesn’t get her way, which I REALLY don’t like, but the other part of her personality is so much fun.  She laughs a lot and she is turning into such a cuddler.  She loves to give hugs and she is always hugging and cuddling with her puppy.  She also started “sharing.”  She will give stuff to us or try to give us some of her food.  She started feeding Miss her food too.  Kylee will start something new, do it for a few days or a week, then quit doing it.  Like waving bye bye and last month she started clapping, well this month she started “dancing.”  I tried so hard to get this on video but she would never do it for the camera.  Whenever there would be music playing she would squat down and stand back up several times.  Of course that was last week, so she won’t do it anymore.  She has recently started pointing at things as well.  She will point at something real quickly and just make a one syllable sound.

One thing she hasn’t grown out of already is throwing things.  We have to make sure to check the stairs before we walk down them because she is always throwing things between the gate rails down the stairs.  In the bath she will throw a toy out and I’ll throw it back in.  What impressed me is that she has a lot of toys in the bath with her, but she will pick that one toy back up and throw it out to me and we will do that for a little bit.  She has a couple balls that we use to play with her also.  We will roll it to her and she will throw it back.  It doesn’t always go forward though.  🙂

Last month I mentioned how fast Kylee has picked up walking and she is so fearless and determined that she pretty much has it mastered already.  She doesn’t crawl at all anymore because she has to walk everywhere.  She doesn’t really fall anymore either unless she’s tripping over something.  One thing that she does get from her parents is that she doesn’t really watch where she is going.  She even started standing up on her own, not needing to crawl to anything to pull herself up.  We went to lunch with my best friend, her “Auntie Jen” and Jennifer laughed because Kylee was showing off and even walking backwards.  Now that she is on the move it is even more difficult to get her to stay still for a picture but we always manage to get a few…


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