30 Before 30

So my friend Vanessa from The Crafty Nest turned 29 about a week ago and posted a list of 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30.  I LOVED this idea and come to find out it’s a pretty popular trend.  So I have thought long and hard about my list.

Birthdays have always raised my blood pressure ever since I turned twenty.  Twenty was hard because I was no longer a teenager.  Twenty-five I swore would be the hardest, oh no a quarter of a century, but it wasn’t that bad.  It wasn’t bad mainly because I refused to have a twenty-fifth birthday.  I wouldn’t let anyone tell me happy birthday because I never turned 25!  Ever since then, I’ve told people that I’m 24.  I don’t have birthdays anymore, I have anniversaries!

As I am rapidly approaching EEEEKK THIRTY I’m becoming more accepting with my age.  You will actually hear me admit my age now, but then I, humorously, say “oh wait, I’m 24!  I don’t have birthdays anymore!”  So this marks the last year in my twenties and I’m going to make sure it is a year to remember.

I’m not necessarily freaking out, I’m proud of who I’ve become in my twenties!  I made my dream come true and have my own photography business, I have married the most perfect man for me that makes me nothing but happy, I have the most beautiful daughter, I have amazing friends that I know will always be a part of my life, and I continue to grow every day.

In the interest of continuing to grow, here is the list of the 30 things I want to do before I turn (dun dun dun) thirty.

  1. Go on a jeeping trip in our new Jeep
  2. Get my scrapbook up to date
  3. Take a family trip, just the 3 of us
  4. Attend another photography seminar or convention
  5. Get new boobs
  6. Religiously do the Insanity workout program
  7. Clean out all Kyle’s and my clothes we don’t wear and donate them
  8. Pay to have a professional photographer take family pictures of us
  9. Eat a home cooked dinner 5 nights of the week for a month without repeating a recipe
  10. Get a tan that other people actually notice
  11. Go to the Grand Canyon
  12. Try Octopus (not the carwash, the animal)
  13. COMPLETE 20 diy projects
  14. Start selling Fine Art photography prints
  15. Update my passport
  16. Go a full day without wearing a bra (have to enter public)
  17. Have 50 recipes in my scrapbook recipe book
  18. Throw Kylee a big birthday bash for her 1st birthday
  19. Run a 10K
  20. Go a full month without a margarita (margarita’s are my weakness)
  21. Start a college fund for Kylee
  22. Attend a horse race and bet on a random horse
  23. Take vitamins every day for a month
  24. Try 10 new restaurants
  25. Float down a river in tubes
  26. Come up with a family tradition for us
  27. Post at least one blog a week for the full year
  28. Play a round of golf without a mulligan
  29. See a local theater show
  30. DO NOT CRY when I turn 30!!!
And since a post isn’t a post without a picture, here is Kylee and me on my 29th birthday, I mean my 5th anniversary… 🙂

4 Comments on “30 Before 30”

  1. nikki says:

    I love it! Such a pretty picture of you both!

  2. Yay!! Love your list!

  3. JJ says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me bubby! I like it!

  4. beckyspringer says:

    What a gorgeous photo! I love your list!!! I hope you have an awesome time finishing it up!! Good luck 🙂

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