8 Months

Oh the joys and affliction of living with a crawling child… I’m pretty sure I’ve vacuumed more in the last month than I did all of last year!

It’s almost like the second Kylee turned 7 months, she decided she wanted to do everything.  She started getting around on her own, she sat up from her belly onto her bottom, and she started using EVERYTHING to stand up on.  And oh my she can get into almost anything; she climbed into my suitcase as I was unpacking and we walked into the kitchen the other day and she had climbed onto the dishwasher lid.

This month has been HUGE!  The biggest being that Kylee learned to crawl, of course.  She started out scooting around but when we were on our trip she just decided to start crawling instead! It’s so funny because when she is crawling or walking she will stick her tongue out while trying to concentrate.   Also while we were there she started reaching for people when she wanted to go to them.  Even now she will crawl to our feet and pull when she wants to be picked up.  She started flexing her fingers in a waving motion but we can’t get her to actually wave hi or goodbye to anyone yet.  She just does it randomly.  She crawls to stuff and stands up all the time, but her favorite thing to go to is electronics.  If she sees my laptop opten she jets for it.  She also likes to play with the buttons on our audio and video stuff for the TVs.

When it comes to being a parent, I’m learning as we go but what I know for sure is it keeps getting better and better.

I LOVE some of the faces she makes!


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