Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Strength

Ok, the theme this week is strength but, as you can see, I couldn’t come up with anything creative, so I’m going to post pictures we did this weekend.

Kyle’s brother, Kris, graduated this past Saturday with his teaching degree (congratulations Kris!!) so the family came up and we all went to the graduation ceremony to watch him get handed that fake diploma!  While we were there a lady asked if Kylee and Lexie were twins.  There is actually a four and a half month difference between the two but Lexie is so petite that Kylee is already passing her up.  Lexie still has Kylee beat on height though.  So since we had the cousins together, we went and bought come cute matching/coordinating outfits to do pictures of them together.  Lexie is starting to get mobile already, so she definitely made me work for these two pictures.  The awesome thing that happened is, right after we were done with the pictures, she started to crawl for the first time!!  We were all so excited!  I think we made her crawl for puffs for an hour…

Anyways, here are the two cutest cousins ever!


One Comment on “Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Strength”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Aww… You can definitely tell these two are related! How precious!

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