This video proves there is a little bit of her momma in my little Kylee!  This video is just a minute and a half of what was a 10 minute conversation.  Ever since this night, she has started talking to her fish when we put her in bed for the night and she will just talk until she falls asleep.  I love just sitting there and listening to her.  🙂

We also took her into the doctors office on Friday to get her weight and height.  She is now 11lbs 15oz and 22.75 inches long.  Oh, and I almost forgot!!  On the 16th she rolled over from her belly to her back!  I was with a client but Kyle got to see her do it for the first time.  She has done it one other time since then too.  I’m not sure if I want her mobil yet…

Hope everyone has a great week!


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