3 Months

So yesterday Kylee turned 3 months old and I now can’t imagine our lives without her.  This past month has been nothing but smiles as Kylee gets to be more fun every day.  But before I go into all her feats over the last month, I would like to say this.  I can see all the statistics from our blog and part of that is how many people view our blog each day.  Since the day I created this blog, at least one person has viewed it every day since and I don’t even have the words to explain how that makes me feel.  As I am getting this blog put together I realize that I don’t take NEAR enough pictures of my child as I should, and that is sad considering that is what I do for a living.  So I am going to try my hardest to take more pictures and share more with all of you, our friends and family.

As I said above, this month has been a fun one!  We have finally got a schedule figured out, which makes our days go by much more smoothly.  Kylee eats every 3 hours (except at night), takes a nap after being awake for an hour and a half to two hours, and every other night will sleep all night for up to 10 hours!  Both mom and dad appreciate that!  We’ve hit a couple milestones… Kylee has now mastered blowing bubbles and likes to do this so much, she soaks her shirts.

She is smiling all the time now.  She will even smile when she’s upset which is funny to see her try to smile while trying to cry.  She has even giggled a few times which melts my heart!  The first time she giggled Kyle was helping her “play” with Miss, our Jack Russell Terrier.  She LOVES Miss.  If Miss is around Kylee will just stare at her unblinkingly.  And oh is she a jabber box!  We have a light and sound thing hanging on her crib that has fish swimming through it.  The other night she was talking to those fish for 10 minutes, non-stop.  We got a Flip video recorder and I recorded a little bit of her talking that night.  So as soon as I figure out how to get it on to the computer I will put it on here for all of you to enjoy.

Her motor skills blow me away.  I’m reading What To Expect The First Year and it says all the things that they should be doing and might be doing each month.  It says that she will possibly hold head steady when upright, which she has been doing since last month.  It says she may possibly grasp a rattle held to back or tips of fingers, but she does better than that, she will reach and grab things.  She will reach up and grab the toys hanging from her play mat.  And if we hand her a rattle, she will pass it back and forth between hands.  One thing the book doesn’t even touch on yet that she can do amazes me to this day.  Kyle will have Kylee laying on his legs at a 45 degree angle and she will sit herself upright.

I just love my little girl so much and I could go on and on about all things she does every day, but I should probably spend a little time with my husband on Valentine’s Day since he has already put Kylee in bed.  So I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love and have a great rest of the week!


This was Kylee a couple of weeks ago.  This outfit lasted 30 minutes before she had an explosion.  🙂

The first time Kylee latched on to one of those hanging toys.  She loves her play mat from Aunt Donna!

And her 3 month picture.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


One Comment on “3 Months”

  1. Terry Massey says:

    I love reading your updates on Kylee. She sounds like a wonderful baby and you and Kyle are wonderful parents.

    Love you,

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