2 Months Old

The second month has been an adventurous one!  Kylee had her first long road trip to Texas for Christmas, she went swimming for the first time yesterday, and we are still trying to figure out this whole sleeping thing.  The first month she would only sleep in her bouncer, now she has graduated to only sleeping in the swing.  She won’t sleep for more than 2 hours in the bassinet, but she will sleep all night in that swing!  I don’t like her sleeping in it, but it’s so nice actually being able to sleep at night since I have to get stuff done during the day.

She’s getting so big!  We go to the doctor next week so we can find out how much she has grown since her 3 week appointment.  She can hold her head up on her own for quite a while now.  She is still a little shaky but we are getting there.  She discovered her hands, tongue, and voice this month!  She is playing with her hands a lot, she is constantly sticking her tongue in and out of her mouth, and she is talking to us, with her favorite expression being “ga ga ga.”  As you can see in the picture below, she is smiling at us so much now!  We love her so much!

We hope all of your families are doing as wonderful as ours is!


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