I tried to be fancy and submit a post from my phone two days before Christmas, and from my phone it looked like I had submitted a post, but when I looked today it wasn’t actually on there.  So I’m posting again with some more this time.

For Christmas this year we travelled down to Texas to see my side of the family.  Only two of my grandparents could make it to our wedding, so this was the first time Kyle was meeting the majority of them.  I thought it would be a culture shock for Kyle and I think I was right!  My dads side of the family is a lot like me, loud and crazy but we all had a lot of fun of course.  My moms side of the family was more like Kyle’s style, quiet and laid back.  All that said, it was really nice being able to see all them again and letting all of them meet Kyle and Kylee.

Kylee got spoiled rotten while we were there!  She used to be able to entertain herself on the floor for hours but not anymore…  My Aunt Donna would never put her down, so now I can never put her down.  As a matter of fact, she is sitting in my lap as I type this.  While we were down there she started smiling so much!  I LOVE it!  I can play with her now and she just smiles like crazy.  The first picture below was taken two days before Christmas from my phone.  I was a little bummed though.  I took my good camera for most of the pictures and when I went to put the memory card in my uncle’s computer, the card got corrupted.  So I have lost all my pictures from the day we came home from the hospital on since I hadn’t moved any over to my hard drive yet.  I’m not crying yet in the hopes that the computer guy at work can tell he can retrieve them or send me to someone that can.  But in the mean time, I retook pictures of Kylee in her Christmas dress because I didn’t have one of just her in it and she looks so beautiful.

We had an amazing first Christmas as a family and I hope all you had a great Christmas as well!


One Comment on “Christmas”

  1. Glen & Dixie says:

    What a beautiful baby, we can’t wait to see her as well all you guys to. Will try later to see what pops up———Later Glen & Dixie

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