The New Addition

Three and a half weeks after she is born, I’m finally getting around to setting up a blog to let all of our family and friends see our precious daughter Kylee and to try to keep you updated on what’s happening in our lives.

As most have heard, Kylee’s entrance into the world wasn’t exactly the delivery we expected.  It all started Thursday morning on November 11th.  I started having these pains that were coming every 7 or 8 minutes, but they weren’t bad.  I thought, if this is a contraction I can do this!  I had a scheduled doctors appointment that morning and he said I wasn’t quite 3cm yet and I wasn’t in labor.  But I thought, “what does he know?  These contractions are consistent!”  I thought we were going to be having our little girl that night!  So I go through the day and the intensity of the contractions only rises a little but they got down to 4 minutes apart.  Since I was told to go to the hospital when the contractions are under 5 minutes apart, we went.  This was it!  We were going to be having a baby!

So we get to the hospital and they hook me up to all the monitors and check me, but I had not progressed any since that morning.  So they have us walk around for an hour to see if I progress any, but it didn’t help.  They sent us home with an Ambien to help me sleep.

Now Ambien usually knocks me on my butt, but the contractions were getting worse, so I only slept 4 hours Thursday night.  When we left the hospital they said to come back when the contractions are 3 minutes apart.  So Friday morning we woke up and we went to the gym!  I went to water aerobics because I was going to try to help these contractions along as much as I could!

After going to the gym, taking a couple hot baths, and timing the contractions ALL DAY on Friday, they were still only 5 or 6 minutes apart and not getting any closer but definitely getting more intense!  At 7:30 that evening, I was emotionally drained and had had enough!  I just start crying and poor Kyle doesn’t know what to do because I want to go to the hospital.  I said they are either going to say I’m progressing or they are going to do something about it because 2 days of contractions was enough for me!  Kyle starts slowly getting all the stuff together for the hospital and we are about to walk out the door when I have another contraction come.  I sit down to wait it out and my water broke!  OH THANK GOD was all I could think.  I was so relieved and all the tension was gone!  We knew for sure we were going to be having a baby now!  So we get to the hospital and they don’t even check me this time, they just admit me.

So they put us in this nice, big delivery room.  It’s a laughing matter now because I made it clear that I wanted an epidural quickly.  So all the hospital staff was doing all the tests they needed to do and apparently I kept asking when I was going to be getting that epidural.  All I knew is I had been having contractions for 2 days and I didn’t want to feel them anymore because they were getting BAD!

HALLELUJAH!!!  Finally some relief!  Now it was just a waiting game… or so we thought.  After the epidural, all I wanted to do was sleep, so the rest is all kind of a haze.  Before they actually gave me the epidural they had said my white blood cell count was high and I had told them I was sick the week before.  At some point during the night I had gotten a fever and they determined I had an infection.  So they had me on two antibiotics while I was in labor.  A little later the nurse came in saying that Kylee wasn’t doing so well and her vitals would go down every time I had a contraction.  So they put me on oxygen and turned me on my side but told me if this didn’t help I was going to have to have a C-section.  It did end up helping and she did get better, but the epidural had slowed down my contractions and Dr. Vanderslice didn’t like how long I was in labor, especially with the complications I was having.  So they gave me Pitocin to speed things along and turned down my epidural so I would push harder.

When I had almost reached 10cm Dr V came in and wanted me to start pushing.  But he made it clear that if she wasn’t coming out quickly that I was going to need a C-section.  He knew this is not what I wanted so I tried with all my might but I knew she wasn’t coming out after a couple of pushes.  So they prepared everything for an emergency C-section and did the procedure.

By this time I don’t know how many drugs they have put in my and I am DEFINITELY in a fog.  After they pulled her out they quickly brought her on the other side of the sheet for just a second and all I saw was a blue thing.  Dr V said that she wasn’t very responsive after they had pulled her out.  They took her into the nursery where they put her under an oxygen dome and monitored her.  Her heart rate was around 200 and her respiration was incredibly fast.  Knowing that I had an infection, they did blood work on her to find that she had one too.  Our pediatrician made the decision to send her to Albuquerque.

While all this is happening, I’m in my tiny recovery room with no clue of what is going on.  They finally let Kyle come in to see me.  While we are talking, Dr V comes in to tell us everything that was going on and that Kylee was going to be flown to Albuquerque.  Even though I was in shock, this was very emotional for us.  They had told us that Kyle could fly with her down there and he had mentioned needing to stay with me too, but there was no option!  Kylee needed him more than I did.  So Kyle went home and packed a bag and in the mean time, I still had not gotten to see my daughter.

Kylee was delivered at 6:14am on Saturday, November 13th.  They measured her at 21.25 inches and 7lb 8oz.  Dr V had said she was so big and I’m so small that there was no way I could have had her naturally.  UNM hospital had flown a plane to Farmington along with their doctors to fly Kylee to Albuquerque.  They had packed her into an oxygen tent on a gurney for the flight and this is how I got to see my daughter for the first time.  They wheeled her into my room and she was screaming bloody murder.  I got to touch her hand and when I said her name she calmed down and quit crying.  This made me feel amazing and gave me the motivation to recover as fast as I could so I could go be with my family in Albuquerque as soon as possible.  By 1:30pm Kyle and Kylee were out the door and on their way to Albuquerque UNM hospital.

I think I was in shock for most of that day.  The 6 hours in between her being delivered and taken away seemed like 30 minutes to me.  The only way we made it through the next few days was with the love of our families.  Kevin and Lisa (Kyle’s brother and sister-in-law) had driven here from Albuquerque that morning just to turn around and drive back to Albuquerque.  However, it’s a good thing they had so that Kevin could drive Joyce (Kyle’s mom) and her vehicle to Albuquerque to be with Kyle and Kylee since she had no sleep that night either.  Kyle had his family in Albuquerque to take care of him and my family was amazing in taking care of me and helping me recover from surgery.  I had family and friends with me constantly and it is their love and support that kept me motivated.

My stay at the hospital in Farmington was longer than most.  Since I had the infection, my doctor wanted to keep me on 3 antibiotics to make sure to get rid of the infection completely.  So I had my blood drawn regularly to watch my white blood cell count.  It was at 24 when they checked it while I was in labor and Dr V wanted it down to 12 before I could leave.  Most women would have been able to leave the hospital Monday morning after a C-section but my count wasn’t down enough, so I had to stay another day.  When I was finally released Tuesday morning, I went home and packed a bag.  My dad and my brother Shane drove me to Albuquerque.  Dad drove our truck there so we had a vehicle to come back home in while Shane drove their vehicle so they could return home that evening.

Meanwhile, in Albuquerque, Kylee was progressing very fast.  They had admitted her into the NICU Saturday and were treating her for pneumonia.  Her breathing and heart rate came down to normal very quickly and she was off the oxygen by Sunday morning.  She was doing so well that Monday morning the doctors decided to move her from the NICU into an intermediate nursery to finish out the antibiotics that she needed.  They told Kyle that it’s refreshing to see a baby turn around so quickly.  Kylee would have been promoted to the intermediate room Monday evening but they were all full at that time.  So she was moved Tuesday evening right after I had arrived.

The UNM hospital had a social worker that came to talk to Kyle and even called me while I was in the hospital in Farmington to make sure we were getting all the help we needed.  The hospital had given Kyle a little room for him and Joyce to sleep in while Kylee was in the hospital but it was definitely tiny.  The social worker got us a room at the Ronald McDonald house which was only half a mile from the hospital.  This was such a blessing in itself.  It is pretty much a hotel, only $15 a night, they have a huge kitchen and food stocked for you to use whenever you like, and volunteers come in and cooked a big dinner at night for all the families staying there.  We were more than welcome to stay at Kyle’s brothers house, but being that close to the hospital made it so much easier on me since I was still recovering and couldn’t walk very much or very fast.  When we checked out we were told that a family friend had paid for our room for us which was amazing and we appreciate more than they know!

The rest of the stay at the hospital was a lot less eventful, thankfully.  We spent most of the time with Kylee during the day, spent time with Kevin and Lisa in the evenings when they would come up to the hospital to see all of us, then to the room to get some rest.

Kylee was finally released the morning of the 20th after being in the hospital the first week of her life.  We were so relieved to have our family all together and going home, happy and healthy.  The experience was definitely a hard one, but I couldn’t help but be thankful through the whole thing.  I am thankful for an amazing, supportive family that we wouldn’t have been able to endure all this without.  I am thankful that I became even closer with my wonderful husband and got to see him become an amazing father in a split second.  But most of all, I’m thankful that we have an amazing God that has given us the most wonderful gift of all, our daughter.

Kyle with Kylee shortly after she was born in Farmington.

Kyle holding Kylee at the hospital in Albuquerque 

Kylee finally eating from a bottle

Kristi FINALLY gets to hold her little girl!


One Comment on “The New Addition”

  1. shana salazar says:

    Wow Kylee did have an eventful entrance into this world. I thought have to wait 2 hours after my csection was a long time to hold my baby girl! How you made it through sane inspires me! You are a strong women! Enjoy every moment girl! I’m looking @ miss Annabelle thinking how are you already 3 months! Goes by fast but it gets funner as they start smiling and giggling at you! Melts my heart everytime. Take care girl and give your baby girl a big hug from us!

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