The Monday after we returned from Albuquerque, Kylee had the first appointment with her pediatrician.  The hospital made the appointment and they knew that I wanted Dr Galfand as her doctor, but Dr Galfand was gone that week so they made the appointment with the one doctor in the whole practice that I was told NOT to see.  But I had no choice, so we took her in.  The appointment went well for the most part.  They measured Kylee at 20 inches and she already weighed 7lb 12oz.  When it came to the checkup, the devil doctor did exactly what she did to my friend’s daughter and tore off the umbilical cord when it’s supposed to fall off on its own!!  Oh I was not happy about that, but was happy that she said Kylee was doing well and that she was already well past her birth weight!  So next came pictures!


2 Comments on “11-22-10”

  1. Vanessa says:

    She is beautiful, congrats!!

  2. Terry Massey says:

    Hi Kristi, Thanks so much for posting the history of Kylee’s birth. It is an amazing story and I too am grateful to God for guiding all of you through it. I am so glad you and Kylee are doing good. I know you and Kyle will be wonderful parents and Kylee will be a blessing.

    Love you,

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